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Ride to Cheltenham in the dark!

Something I wanted to try for a while now, recording a ride in the dark with the Stealth 2 camera. The ride itself is not new so I thought I would speed it up a little!

Unless you know the roads, it is rather difficult to know where you are!!

Think I need to look at the night-time settings for the camera!

Tutoring again – telling associate to speed up!!

What a great day that was! Spent it tutoring one of the guys from RoSPA. Really nice chap and enthusiastic about his riding too.

Took him down to the Divine Cafe, a favourite Wiltshire RoADAR meeting point, via Royal Wootton Bassett and Avebury, then back along to Marlborough and to the Triumph showroom in Swindon for another cuppa tea.  Only around 60 miles all told, but we stopped often and chatted about bikes, his riding and so on.

Major points – he is a really good rider, corners well and at appropriate speed too. Makes it difficult for me to really provide useful advice, however, no such thing as a perfect ride. So, couple of points I picked up on were making sure there was sufficient safety margin between him and oncoming traffic, and to speed up! Yes, speed up!!  Being told to speed up is not what he expected to be told. He missed the national speed limit down to Avebury and thought it was a 50mph zone!   That little error would have knocked his grade down from Gold to Silver had this been the actual RoSPA test!

The point is though to ride at the appropriate speed according to the road, traffic and weather conditions. 50mph was too slow in this instance. If it had been wet, raining, muddy, then 50mph would have been appropriate.

Live and learn!


Back from family holiday, planning next ride(s)

Back from a two-week break in Xelendi on Gozo (next to Malta) where we, Sally, Richard, Jonathan and I, spent a lot of time in the sea, pool and generally enjoying ourselves.  Great food (remember the spare ribs and burgers!), and some very friendly people. We had good days out in kayaks, a car and half a day on a rented speed boat. The speed boat was great as we got round the whole island in three hours with time spare for snorkelling in some quiet coves.


This was family time spent with just the four of us. The boys are now 16 and 14 so we need to make the most of times like this as Richard may want to go away with his mates in the next couple of years – at the worst case only two more family holidays such as this left! Crikey!

It is also important to recognise they are growing up and need their space and independence too. On the plus side, it will mean eating out becomes a lot cheaper 🙂

I would thoroughly recommend Gozo to anyone wanting a warm up and especially our  Xelendi Accommodation.

Now we’re back I have time to spend (in between working and family life of course) riding the Tiger! Already been thinking of a few day-trip rides; maybe to Swanage for a chip run, and possibly a weekender to Wales.

If all of life’s problems were as complicated and stressful as this, what a great world it would be!

Right, back to the day job!

Nice morning for a quick spin!

Seemed like a nice morning. Sun is out, sky is blue and birds are tweeting – annoyingly so! Sat at home in my loft office birds, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, jackdaws, blackbirds and so on, are literally inches above me. So I decided to get out there and make some noise of my own.

A familiar route, but a nice one all the same. Fast flowing bends with some nice long straight bits, broken up by the occasional village. The source of the Thames at Kemble was flowing which is a nice change to see – often it dries up so you have to imagine there is a river here!

Couple of deer grazing in adjacent fields and lots of country smells to take in!

Fresh ride that woke me up that’s for sure. This is the great thing about working from home, you can pop out when you like!


I do use the bike to get to the office on, but I do also enjoy getting out on it as often as I can – like a drug in many ways, once you are hooked, that’s it!  The route home tends to be far longer than really is necessary 🙂

Fly swatting!

Went for an evening spin with Richard George yesterday around 7.30pm. Thought it might have cooled down a bit to make the ride more “comfortable”. Well, I was wrong – it was very very hot. Trouble with having fairings on a bike is that there is no wind so you can’t cool down. It’s ok in Winter of course as it keeps the cold wind off you, but not so in summer. This is, judging by the K100 forums, one of the biggest complaints against the BMW K100 RT. Must check out the latest models to see if they have made tried to remedy this. Ok, I know KES is now 27 years old so I can’t really complain! New bike perhaps? 🙂

Being the evening, the sun was staring to set and was low in the sky and the fly’s were out in their millions. I know, I seemed to have brought many of them home with me. Occasionally, you almost feel the fly hitting the helmet – some flies are rather large! I probably got a dragon-fly or two along the way. Plan to buy some of that “Bug off” cleaning stuff today.

Our route was a simple one; along the B4040 to Malmesbury, turn left towards the M4, and then first roundabout towards Wootton Bassett. This road takes you through the village of Brinkworth which is the longest in England at over 6 miles. At the Prince of Wales roundabout, turn left towards Purton and home again via the allotment (oh yes, even when I am out I have “jobs to do”!).

Nice easy ride that has been done many times before going to and from work.

Next ride, 11 July? Let me know if you fancy joining us. Meet at the Cricklade Town Hall for 8am (ish) start.

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