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Nice morning for a quick spin!

Seemed like a nice morning. Sun is out, sky is blue and birds are tweeting – annoyingly so! Sat at home in my loft office birds, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, jackdaws, blackbirds and so on, are literally inches above me. So I decided to get out there and make some noise of my own.

A familiar route, but a nice one all the same. Fast flowing bends with some nice long straight bits, broken up by the occasional village. The source of the Thames at Kemble was flowing which is a nice change to see – often it dries up so you have to imagine there is a river here!

Couple of deer grazing in adjacent fields and lots of country smells to take in!

Fresh ride that woke me up that’s for sure. This is the great thing about working from home, you can pop out when you like!


I do use the bike to get to the office on, but I do also enjoy getting out on it as often as I can – like a drug in many ways, once you are hooked, that’s it!  The route home tends to be far longer than really is necessary 🙂

Quick evening spin

Nice evening last night and fancied a bit of fresh air so took KES for a quick jaunt down the B4040 to Malmesbury. Yes again!

Anyway, I’m doing the Advanced Rider Training so now putting into practice the things I have been taught which I am hoping will make me a better, smoother and safer rider.

The B4040 to Malemsbury is a great little ride – and one I know it rather well! There are some nice twists and turns and dips especially leaving Charlton so be careful there.

At Malmesbury and turning left at the first roundabout towards the M4, we then turned left at the next roundabout taking us back to Wootton Bassett on the B4042. Passing through the longest village in England, Brinkworth, (is there a pub here that is, or used to be, very popular for eating at?), we burbled onto the outskirts of Wootton Bassett.

Not sure what to make of Brinkworth really. Yes it is long, but we didn’t stop to see it or take any turns off to really appreciate what it may have to offer.

This is a great biking route for it’s long sweeping bends so you can get your speed up, safely of course, and also put into practice some of the advanced rider stuff too. There are some slower sections, but all in all, a nice training route.

At Wootton Bassett, turned left towards Purton and headed home.

Nice little jaunt to warm up on and practice the Advanced Rider techniques in a relatively safe environment. The scenery was rather pleasant as are the smells coming from the fields – countryside smells! Not very busy with traffic at this time of day either.

Total mileage – approx 25 all told.

Lunchtime break via Malmesbury and Cirencester

Lunchtime, stuck in my home office and needing to get out of the house for a bit. So I decided to take KES out on the B4040 to Malmesbury. The B4040 is a great road and I use it every day to get to work so know it well. The section to Cirencester I donÂ’t really know at all so this was a mini-adventure for me. As it turned out, a rather pleasant one.

Malmesbury is an old town, with its Abbey dating back to the 12th Century, which formed, at one time, an important part of the lace and silk industries. Indeed, looking down into the valley in which it sits, it is so obviously a mill town as Avon Mill is staring straight back at you. The name gives you a clue as to which river flows through the town.

Malmesbury is home to the “naked gardeners” and if you are lucky enough to see them, suggest you keep your eyes above waist level!

Anyway, heading to Cirencester, passed through Kemble on the A429 which is also notably the acclaimed source of the Thames so worth a look if you have the time. My son weed there once, which made me chuckle knowing my London family would be drinking that water one day soon!

Dropped into Cirencester and headed towards Cricklade via that awful roundabout by Tesco and the new housing development. Whoever planned that needs to be sacked as it is probably the worst laid out roundabout in the country!

Some of the roads were scarred with potholes and poor maintenance which made it a little tricky to keep a straight line so be a little careful if riding this route.

Got home for a cuppa and back to work refreshed!

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