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Run to Cornwall – in a camper van!

Not what was expected eh? This was a family holiday to one of our favourite campsites, Mother Ivey’s Bay, near to Padstow for the Whitsun week saw us on our first run in our new, to us, camper van! Something we had been hankering after for a few years now, and now we have one!

The new van!
The Genets and their new van

Mother Ivey’s bay is just a few miles from Padstow – we try to avoid the town as it is always overrun with tourists which is a great shame.

However, not visiting Padstow didn’t stop us from having a great time.

We popped down to Bedruthen steps for the first time, and the scenery blew our minds! Couldn’t believe how nice it was here; we’ve been coming here for 30 years or more and never once visited.

The sea on Constantine beach started off cold. By Thursday, the sea had gotten bloody cold! But, we (Richard and me) still went in wearing wet suits of course. Booby’s bay, just around the corner to Constantine, is one of my all time favourite beaches in the world. It has everything including loads of rock pools, surf and often a world class sunset! No coral or really pretty fish like in the Maldives, but nonetheless, a magical place to spend time.

On our way home, we stopped off at Dr Marten’s house in Port Isaac which, in my opinion, is a much prettier Cornwall town than what Padstow has to offer.






And slightly further up the coast we stopped at Boscastle for a cuppa tea before the final drive home.

Boscastle with a cuppa tea!

Its a shame a great week has to come to an end. But, I guess that is what makes holidays special – you get chance to spend time with your family doing fun things together. Which we do at weekends of course, but a whole week or two is even better!

Same place next year?

Back from family holiday, planning next ride(s)

Back from a two-week break in Xelendi on Gozo (next to Malta) where we, Sally, Richard, Jonathan and I, spent a lot of time in the sea, pool and generally enjoying ourselves.  Great food (remember the spare ribs and burgers!), and some very friendly people. We had good days out in kayaks, a car and half a day on a rented speed boat. The speed boat was great as we got round the whole island in three hours with time spare for snorkelling in some quiet coves.


This was family time spent with just the four of us. The boys are now 16 and 14 so we need to make the most of times like this as Richard may want to go away with his mates in the next couple of years – at the worst case only two more family holidays such as this left! Crikey!

It is also important to recognise they are growing up and need their space and independence too. On the plus side, it will mean eating out becomes a lot cheaper 🙂

I would thoroughly recommend Gozo to anyone wanting a warm up and especially our  Xelendi Accommodation.

Now we’re back I have time to spend (in between working and family life of course) riding the Tiger! Already been thinking of a few day-trip rides; maybe to Swanage for a chip run, and possibly a weekender to Wales.

If all of life’s problems were as complicated and stressful as this, what a great world it would be!

Right, back to the day job!

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