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Good morning tutoring!

Nice day – ish! Spent the morning tutoring a good friend of mine who is just getting back into riding a motorbike! He’s been off them for many years now. He used to race them in his younger days so its been a bit daunting for me in many ways!

Using 2-way radio, I was able to provide advice on road positioning, moving out for hazards, watching speed, getting rid of old habits and looking out for overtake opportunities. We went up the Fosse Way but turned off at Stow-on-the-Wold as we headed towards Evesham.

This was our fourth ride and its really good to see the progress he is making. From being extremely nervous to having the confidence to lead me through towns and Cotswold villages at the appropriate speed – though I still paid for the coffees!

Using the intercom is good as it allows us to chat and talk about all things roady. Bit nerdy I guess!

From Evesham we headed back to the M5 for a brief stint getting off at the Cheltenham/Cirencester junction to head back along the A419 to Cricklade.  A good collection of roads, A, B, dual and Motorways.

We covered around 100 miles over a period of three hours. Great ride in some fantastic Cotswold scenery even in mid-February!

Nice morning for a quick spin!

Seemed like a nice morning. Sun is out, sky is blue and birds are tweeting – annoyingly so! Sat at home in my loft office birds, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, jackdaws, blackbirds and so on, are literally inches above me. So I decided to get out there and make some noise of my own.

A familiar route, but a nice one all the same. Fast flowing bends with some nice long straight bits, broken up by the occasional village. The source of the Thames at Kemble was flowing which is a nice change to see – often it dries up so you have to imagine there is a river here!

Couple of deer grazing in adjacent fields and lots of country smells to take in!

Fresh ride that woke me up that’s for sure. This is the great thing about working from home, you can pop out when you like!


I do use the bike to get to the office on, but I do also enjoy getting out on it as often as I can – like a drug in many ways, once you are hooked, that’s it!  The route home tends to be far longer than really is necessary 🙂

Proposed route – 9 May

Suggested route up the Fosse Way to Warwick or Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Start time Saturday 9th May, 8am from Cricklade Town Hall car park.

See here for route details

Return route to be decided – probably on the day at the coffee stop!

Red Lion Ride – on a bar stool!

Unplanned session! Got a text from Richard suggesting a beer after work. Why not I thought? Tae-Kwon-Do almost killed me on Wednesday what with this stinking cold, so perhaps missing a session would be good for me. And, of course, Sally was also there with her work colleagues from school.

So, yes, that’s how the Gentlemen Bikers came to have their first “AGM”. Biking was discussed; new ones, old ones, new routes and the such like. Possible weekend away in Wales too was mentioned.

The best bit though was the beer. The beer in the Red is always good, so much so that I quaffed 5 pints; though I have to say Richard got through 6 of his favourite beers.
The other good thing about the Red Lion is the meat raffle that is held there once a week. A quid a ticket and the opportunity to win loads of meat from the local butcher. Richard, the miserable sod, declined a ticket – all proceeds to charity – but I purchased one.

Next day, I got a call saying I had won some sausages – and I tell you what, the word “slab” of sausages came to mind. The weight of them was amazing! All different types, from Cumberland, to Welsh Dragon and Cricklade finest. (If you are a local reading this, then you will now know which butcher donated them)!

You know what, this cold is now abating. I think missing Tae-Kwon-Do on Friday was a good thing which is unusual for me to say that as I do really enjoy it!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

PS it was my son’s 13th birthday yesterday and we took him and a friend to see the film Paddington – well worth a look!

Divine ride in the wet!

Ride out on Saturday was rather wet to say the least. Still, myself and newbie Gentleman Biker, Keith, headed out for the planned route to Aldbourne, Hungerford, Marlborough and home via Avebury.

Meeting Keith for the first time at Cricklade Town Hall, I was impressed with his 2-year old BMW 700GS!

Setting off, I lead the way down the A419 to Common Head roundabout, taking the second left up and over Liddington Hill, heading towards the sleepy village of Aldbourne. The downs were whip-lashed with the wind and rain, but so long as you take it sensibly, there should be no problems.

From Aldbourne, we headed through following the road to Chilton Foliat and then to Hungerford. Picking up the A4 here, we turned right. This is a long wide section of road; I decided to sit behind a lorry as it was clearing the way for us and showing me where the main puddles were. Thinking back, I should have gone past and found my own route through – oh well, next time!

Ok, once the lorry turned off, we headed through Marblorough on towards Calne to the Divine Cafe.

Stopping for a cuppa tea – thanks Keith, my shout next time – we almost dried out. Luckily the owner of the Divine is used to us bikers as this is a popular stopping point and indeed the North Wiltshire RoSPA group meet here for assessment days.

Leaving the Divine, we headed back towards Avebury. Some brave people out in the wind and rain walking round these stones! This is a great road when its dry! We turned left at Broad Hinton and went down through Broad Town to Wootton Bassett. Keith was leading the way and it seemed he was rather enjoying himself, so instead of going back the direct route, he took us a longer run back. Turning right on B4040 at the Leigh crossroads, we headed back into Cricklade, stopping at the Town Hall to shake hands and to say that we must get out together again.

Thanks Keith for a good morning ride and for being good company!

I only hope I can get the rest of the other Gentleman Bikers out next time too! I know they are busy of course taking sons to football training and so on, so it can be tricky to get us all out at once.

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