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Good morning tutoring!

Nice day – ish! Spent the morning tutoring a good friend of mine who is just getting back into riding a motorbike! He’s been off them for many years now. He used to race them in his younger days so its been a bit daunting for me in many ways!

Using 2-way radio, I was able to provide advice on road positioning, moving out for hazards, watching speed, getting rid of old habits and looking out for overtake opportunities. We went up the Fosse Way but turned off at Stow-on-the-Wold as we headed towards Evesham.

This was our fourth ride and its really good to see the progress he is making. From being extremely nervous to having the confidence to lead me through towns and Cotswold villages at the appropriate speed – though I still paid for the coffees!

Using the intercom is good as it allows us to chat and talk about all things roady. Bit nerdy I guess!

From Evesham we headed back to the M5 for a brief stint getting off at the Cheltenham/Cirencester junction to head back along the A419 to Cricklade.  A good collection of roads, A, B, dual and Motorways.

We covered around 100 miles over a period of three hours. Great ride in some fantastic Cotswold scenery even in mid-February!

Blowing away the cobwebs up the Fosse way!

Blimey, what a nice day today turned out to be. Sat indoors all morning and around midday, sun was out with clear blue sky, so what the hell, thought I’d go for a spin. First long-ish ride of the year. Just got back home and now its turning a bit dark and cloudy again.

Headed up to the Fosse Way all the way to Morton in Marsh. Turning right towards Oxford along the A44, and once at Chipping Norton, headed to Burford, Lechlade and home again to Cricklade.

What great riding! Long sweeping bends. Some tricky ones too in places. Sun was a bit low in the sky which made riding home a bit more interesting.

I’ve just notched this particular route up as one of my favourites, though a bit more exploring of the side roads is beckoning next time. And the really good thing is, there seemed to be plenty of stopping places for the obligatory coffee/tea break too!

Looking forward to doing it again once the weather warms up a bit. Hands got a bit nippy towards the end which makes typing this a bit tricky.

But, what great scenery we have. All around us are these fantastic views of rolling chalk hills – after all that is what the Cotswold hills are.

It didn’t take anywhere near as long as it suggests in the map above. Just over an hour; maybe an hour and a half perhaps. But mileage was spot on!  Happy days are here again!

Nice morning for a quick spin!

Seemed like a nice morning. Sun is out, sky is blue and birds are tweeting – annoyingly so! Sat at home in my loft office birds, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, jackdaws, blackbirds and so on, are literally inches above me. So I decided to get out there and make some noise of my own.

A familiar route, but a nice one all the same. Fast flowing bends with some nice long straight bits, broken up by the occasional village. The source of the Thames at Kemble was flowing which is a nice change to see – often it dries up so you have to imagine there is a river here!

Couple of deer grazing in adjacent fields and lots of country smells to take in!

Fresh ride that woke me up that’s for sure. This is the great thing about working from home, you can pop out when you like!


I do use the bike to get to the office on, but I do also enjoy getting out on it as often as I can – like a drug in many ways, once you are hooked, that’s it!  The route home tends to be far longer than really is necessary 🙂

Ride to Warwick – Me and Billy!

Bit of wet start to what turned out to be a very very pleasant ride. Leaving the Town Hall car park around 8:10am, KES and I left Cricklade heading north along the A419. A couple of miles further on, the rain stopped!

At the Fosse Way junction, that’s the Little Chef services exit, we followed signs for the Fosse Way which is also the A429.

This is a good road. It does have many great straights and bends to test your riding skills. There are plenty of quaint Cotswold towns along the way such as Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Stow on the Wold, and Bourton on the Water to break up the journey a bit. Didn’t stop in any of these places as I was determined to get to Warwick in around an hour – which we did!

Rather than stopping at the castle car park, I decided to carry on through Warwick to see if I could get a good photo of the castle – which for me is one of the best in the country and is what I think of when I imagine a castle – it really is a castle’s castle! Next time, I must remember to bring my camera!

Out the other side of Warwick, we turned around and pootled back through. Very old wooden framed Tudor buildings dot the main road. The town of Warwick is well worth a stop and mooch about too if you have chance. Maybe combine it with a visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon where some famous writer chap lived a few years back 🙂

Anyway, as I was by myself, Billy no mates, I decided to head on home. A very nice gentle ride back to Cricklade – where it did start to rain again.

So, all in all a nice ride out. Shame rest of the lads didn’t turn up – fair weather bikers!

Nice route, approx. 110 miles or so all told.

Proposed route – 9 May

Suggested route up the Fosse Way to Warwick or Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Start time Saturday 9th May, 8am from Cricklade Town Hall car park.

See here for route details

Return route to be decided – probably on the day at the coffee stop!

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