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Sally rode pillion on the Tiger!

Wow! Ok, she had little choice to be honest as our car is being repaired this week – all week! Ouch, that’s going to be expensive.

Anyway, seems she really enjoyed it! Fresh air coming in was the best. It was dark and a bit wet out, but….Got me thinking about the next bike; sticking with Triumph (of course!)

Next bike perhaps?
Next bike perhaps?


Riding with pillion reminded me of how much extra care I need to take. Extra time to brake; even more care when accelerating – don’t want to jolt her around; looking further ahead to make the ride as smooth as possible. And the pre-ride pep talk – lean with the rider, don’t lean the opposite way as this makes it really hard to control; hold onto the grab rails or me; tap me once to turn left, twice for right, and many times to stop!

But, she enjoyed it, and so did I!

Riding in the dark was good too. The Tiger’s lights work really well compared to other bikes I have seen. The road was a bit damp and there was some mud about, but with traction control this proved no issue at all.

Can’t wait now for lighter evenings and dry days to get out again, perhaps for a whole day!



There’s a Tiger coming to tea!

Its a Triumph Tiger XRx!

Treated myself to a new motorbike to replace the ageing KES.

Bit of a sad day as KES has been loyal, reliable-ish, and great fun. I even passed my Advanced Riding Test with RoSPA on KES. However, the time has come for KES to go into semi-retirement and enjoy the coming days, months and years remembering past glories, rides and fun! Remember the Alps!!! We will always have that.

Not sure what I’m going to do with KES though. Keep and get back to showroom condition – nice project I can do with my sons. Will teach them a few things about engine repair in general.

Or sell? That thought I hate I must admit and will struggle to bring myself to do. Space is the issue though. We have a single garage rammed full of everything other than what it was designed for (assuming we all drive ultra-small cars and are slim enough to get out the door when it is only open about 10 inches (250mm/25cm for the young’uns)).

What a dilemma! Who said life was going to be easy? Lets see how I feel next week when the new bike arrives.


Tiger XRx
Tiger XRx


Vintage bikes

Discussing Vintage Bikes with Nigel Wynne of Vintage Bikes Ltd on Tuesday 5th July at 10am.

What is a Vintage bike? How much do they cost? How do I buy one? What should I buy and what do I need to look out for?

If you have ever thought about owning a Vintage motorbike, listen in on Tuesday 5th July at 10am, and again on Wednesday at 6pm on Swindon 105.5

Listen online at

Good programme today. I learnt a lot about vintage bikes. Did you know:

Vintage means a bike made between 1918 – 1939? Ie between the wars.

Veteran means a bike made before 1914.

Classic means any bike no longer made.

Iconic – means anything you want it to be!

These are loose terms as there is no real definition.

Would I buy one? I already own an old bike from 1988. Not sure I would buy another one. You need to be someone who is prepared to spend time and money restoring it. Money may be more than what the bike is worth so its a labour of love!

RoADAR – what’s that?

Attended a RoADAR meeting this evening. Rospa Advanced Drivers And Riders group hold a monthly meeting (except August) up at Liddington village hall. This evening was a very interesting talk about the inner workings of ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – no, they are not the killjoys, that’s the insurance companies!)


Anyway, they’ve been good to me. Almost free advanced rider training which has enabled me to ride safely whilst making good progress – and yes, sometimes fast too!

Why not pop along? We are a friendly bunch; both tea and coffees are available 🙂 My style of riding has changed – more like the Police now but without the blue flashing lights!

Come and meet the team at the Calne bike meet 24-25 July, the largest free bike meet in Europe

Sunday afternoon ride up the Fosse Way

Always wanted to do this ride so last Sunday, Jason and I thought we would have a quick blast up to Moreton in the Marsh for a coffee stop.

It was a nice, bright and sunny afternoon. Stopping for petrol at the Little Chef just outside Cirencester, we were met by at least 20 bikers travelling back to Guernsey. This would actually set the scene for the rest of the afternoon as we noticed loads of bikes out and about enjoying the last delights of summer.

The Fosse way, as mentioned before, is a long road with many long straights and some bends. But, I know now why people die along it – it is rather a boring road and I assume people want to go fast to get a buzz back.

Anyway, we burbled through to Moreton in the Marsh, a quaint Cotwsold market town, where the high street is the main thoroughfare. We stopped at a coffee shop for our usual chat, where Jason said he knew the area well and would find a more interesting route back.

We met even more bikers and a chap with his new Audi R8 who was carrying a paper which is all he could probably carry in terms of luggage!

This turned out to be interesting indeed – I have no real idea of where we were other than we generally headed south along some small lanes and narrow gravelly roads.

The whole ride took us a couple of hours which meant yet again I was late back for my Sunday lunch!

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