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Red Lion Ride – on a bar stool!

Unplanned session! Got a text from Richard suggesting a beer after work. Why not I thought? Tae-Kwon-Do almost killed me on Wednesday what with this stinking cold, so perhaps missing a session would be good for me. And, of course, Sally was also there with her work colleagues from school.

So, yes, that’s how the Gentlemen Bikers came to have their first “AGM”. Biking was discussed; new ones, old ones, new routes and the such like. Possible weekend away in Wales too was mentioned.

The best bit though was the beer. The beer in the Red is always good, so much so that I quaffed 5 pints; though I have to say Richard got through 6 of his favourite beers.
The other good thing about the Red Lion is the meat raffle that is held there once a week. A quid a ticket and the opportunity to win loads of meat from the local butcher. Richard, the miserable sod, declined a ticket – all proceeds to charity – but I purchased one.

Next day, I got a call saying I had won some sausages – and I tell you what, the word “slab” of sausages came to mind. The weight of them was amazing! All different types, from Cumberland, to Welsh Dragon and Cricklade finest. (If you are a local reading this, then you will now know which butcher donated them)!

You know what, this cold is now abating. I think missing Tae-Kwon-Do on Friday was a good thing which is unusual for me to say that as I do really enjoy it!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

PS it was my son’s 13th birthday yesterday and we took him and a friend to see the film Paddington – well worth a look!

Faux Bath

Saturday 10 May – bit of a miserable wet’n’windy day. So much so, we didn’t think we would get out on the bikes today. Richard G has a new FJR1300 and he was itching to take it for a long spin. 8.30 came, our usual start time – too windy. So, eventually, at 3pm we hit the road!

Our plan was to head along the familiar B4040 to Malmesbury, and over to the M4 to fill up at the Murco garage. From there, I suggested we go into Bath via Chippenham and Box along the A4. In Bath, we would grab a coffee and chat about the best way home. That was the plan anyway!

At the M4, junction 17, we headed over to Chippenham on the A350. This section is a dual carriageway and relatively straight with only a set of traffic lights or two to contend with. As we arrived at Chippenham we took the right turn at the roundabout, into Cepen Way, and which I presume is also the Chippenham by-pass. We followed this – and promptly missed the A4 turning to Bath via Corsham! We ended up heading towards Melksham which I didn’t think was right, so we pulled into a car park in Lacock for a quick chat.

Yes, I made a mistake – but as I’ve said before, is it really a mistake? Never mind. Lets find a coffee shop and have a laugh!

Turning right out of the car park we headed for Devizes. This actually took us along some very interesting roads, climbing up and down hill. Not a fast road for the most part but it gave us time to admire the scenery.

Once in Devizes, we meandered through until we saw a coffee shop and parked up.

Bath is famous for it’s Roman baths and ancient history. Devizes is well known for the Wadworth’s Brewery which makes 6X beer and the nearby Caen Hill set of locks. In my defence, I am pretty certain though that the Romans must have visited here at one time or another.

After the coffee, as we set off to return home, the rain started to come down again. This time it was rather torrential and very windy. We were very exposed up on the downs so had to keep the speed down.

Passing through Avebury, the sun came out so we could admire the standing stones from the road.

After Avebury, it was a short ride back into Wroughton to Cricklade via Wootton Bassett and Purton.

Route: Cricklade, Malmesbury, Chippenham, Lacocok, Devizes, Avebury, Wroughton, Wootton Bassett, Purton and home. Around about 68 miles all told.

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