On all of our tours we offer the opportunity to prepare for the RoSPA Advanced Riding test – but only if you want to, training is not compulsory. As RoSPA Gold riders, RoSPA tutors and Diploma Holder in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction, we are in a great position to offer you expert advice if you want it. But don’t worry, if you don’t want any advice or tips then we won’t be pushing it!

Because of the size of group we like to tour with, max of 6 riders plus 2 tour leaders/instructors, the amount of coaching time per person is high. Ratio of 1:3 (tour leader to riders).

We use the Police Federation Motorcycle Roadcraft Handbook for all our training purposes. Roadcraft front cover

Link to a short pdf introduction to us and Advanced Riding –New Horizons MTT Intro

Above all though, we love to ride, day in and day out! Anywhere we can!

Note: RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

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New Season and Pre-tour tune up

If you have that grand tour planned for the year, why not take a tune up where we can focus on specific areas of your riding – it will help make that trip just that bit more fun!

Been off the bike for a while? Perhaps over winter? Then a pre-season tune up could be good for you.

Take a look at New Season and Pre-tour tune up for more details and costs.

Bike & gear – being an advanced riding course, participants are expected to have their own insured, taxed and MoT’d bike, as well as protective riding gear. None of this is supplied.

Discrimination – we accept and welcome all forms and makes of motorcycle as long as they are insured, taxed and MOT’d (if needed) and the rider has a full riding licence appropriate for the size of motorcycle.

Bike size does matter, unfortunately. Unless you are booking with a group of friends of similar size bikes, then the smallest we can accept on a general tour will be 500CC. If you have a machine below 500CC, drop us a line and we’ll discuss arranging a trip with you, for you. We do understand not everyone wants a big bike, but we want to encourage everyone to have fun, tour and learn new skills too.

All touring and training is meant to be taken seriously, but we do intend to make it fun as well. If we don’t hear laughing, then we need to know why!

Don’t forget, this is Advanced Riding training. Not CBT/DAS – you ride your own bike and wear your own riding gear.

Keep up with your mates” – why? Ask yourself why you need to? What sort of bike do they have compared to yours? We ride at a pace that suits the group.

And, if it rains, we get wet!

Important note: Any techniques described during training are for guidance only, and riders must be confident in their ability to perform them. No responsibility is accepted for any actions taken by riders, as they alone are deemed in control of their machines at all times.

We are pleased to be working in association with Abbey Rider Training of Swindon.