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Ride to Cheltenham in the dark!

Something I wanted to try for a while now, recording a ride in the dark with the Stealth 2 camera. The ride itself is not new so I thought I would speed it up a little!

Unless you know the roads, it is rather difficult to know where you are!!

Think I need to look at the night-time settings for the camera!


Cold but nice ride

Good to get out again for a short spin with my associate Ian. Training to do the RoSPA Advanced Rider Test and at the same time having some fun!

Route was nice and simple, taking in all aspects of riding, dual carriageway, town riding, country lanes and finally the M4 motorway for three junctions.

In Tetbury we stopped at the Blue Zuchinni cafe in Tetbury for a compulsory coffee – no cake though as I’m watching my figure in time for Christmas!


Motorcycle Live at the NEC and men in corsets!

My youngest son, Jonathan, and I went to Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham on Sunday. Both of us were rather surprised to be walking into the arena alongside Dr Who, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Superman, Spiderman, fairy princesses, Dr’s and Nurses as well as a man dressed in a corset. Not your typical bikers I have to admit. I think Jonathan was wondering what on earth his dad was getting into. Then we realized, Comic-con was on at the same time. Phew! Once over that little shock, we wandered around the stalls looking at all the nice new toys! Chose my next bike, Tiger 1050 Sport.

Jono on a Vespa!

The other show that was advertised was for “Little Mix” which I thought was a children’s baking show. Jonathan pointed out that it probably referred to a girl pop band. Showing my age I guess.

Bit more like it!!

Great day out was had by both of us. Watched the FMX show which was bloody brilliant – how those guys never hit the ceiling I shall never know. We now plan to see a full live FMX show very soon.  We also saw several demonstrations including how to pick up your bike if you drop it, watched riders ride around an off-road track and entered into several competitions.

My intention was to buy a new helmet as my current Shark is getting a little tired. With all the major manufacturers on one site this was a great opportunity to try on a whole load of helmets. With a set budget in mind I eventually blew it and more on a colourful Schuberth C3 Pro. Nice bright colours and it was the only helmet that fitted my odd size/shaped head. I’m pleased at the way all the helmet manufacturers would only sell me the helmet if it fitted. I was turned away from several stands because of this though in a nice and professional manner of course!

So I learnt some new stuff that day. Who “Little Mix” are (or what they are); how professional sales people can be; what bike I would like next; and how to dress to impress at Comic-con!

Very green!

A great and happy day! Looking forward to going again next year once I’ve saved up some more pennies!

Stuck in the mud in the Lake District!

The great thing about having children is that they like to point out your mistakes! Ok, so I got the van stuck in some mud on an October half term camping trip to Boot, in the Lake District! Thanks Richard!

Great time had by all. Cycling, walking, eating and drinking. The Boot Inn and the Brook House Inn serve great food and equally nice beer.

Jono jumping a river!
Richard on a mobile!










However, it was the walking and cycling we were there for and, in particular, a jolly jaunt up Scafell Pike – weather permitting. Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England. We walked up Snowdon this time last year. Ben Nevis next year perhaps?

Lots of waterfalls, the odd phonebox and some views from the mountain!






It was very windy with gusts over 40mph. It rained. But, that did make for some great waterfalls!

On the last day, the rain stopped, clouds almost cleared, so we walked up Scafell Pike. The view was spectacular looking down onto Wast Water which is the deepest lake in England.

Looking down onto Wast Water from Scafell Pike.

Looking forward to the next trip!



Popped to St David’s and ate bug burgers!

Yes, would you believe it, we popped to St David’s, Pembrokeshire, and ate some bug burgers for Sunday lunch! Mealworms, black ants and fried crickets provided us with a meal to remember!






We ate at Dr Beynon’s bug farm just outside of St David’s.

Just one of the things we got up to over the summer!!

Mustn’t forget we were camping there and St David’s was a very nice place to be! When the sun was out, it was stunning!

St David’s Cathedral
Gorse and heather around the headland


Picking daisies!

Looking forward to receiving this DVD from Mike Waite. Have seen it before and he provides some really good advice on positioning amongst other things!  The phrase that really sticks out is “Picking Daisies”! Still makes  me chuckle now!!

Picking Daisies!

Mike served in the Dorset Police for twenty years and as a police motorcycle instructor it was his job to train officers to the very highest level, from standard to high-speed pursuit riding.


Nice Sunday morning ride! Because we can!

Nice ride on Sunday with a good friend of mine. Made a change to ride without having a purpose other than enjoying the ride itself. Too often, over the past three-months I’ve ridden to work and back; yes, these rides are enjoyable, but to ride for no reason other than to ride brings back why we ride in the first place!

Sunday was a gorgeous morning. Dry and bright with white fluffy clouds hiding a blue sky behind. We headed up the Fosse Way for a ride I’ve done before. All the way to Moreton In Marsh, turning right towards Oxford, arriving in Chipping Norton and bearing right for Burford and then first left to Bibury. Then Latton and back to our meeting point in Purton Stoke.

The roads were sublime; plenty of straights and bendy bends causing a few challenges. Rolling grass covered chalk hills of the Cotswolds saw us passing through pretty villages and valleys. Even with the speed limit set at 50mph in many places, this did not distract from the overall feeling of the ride.

Stopping only once in Bibury for a brief chat (we were using blue tooth headsets) and drink, we watched some tourists chuck stones at a dead trout floating upside down in the shallow river Coln.

Leaving a packed Bibury full of tourists and their coaches, we headed back home via Latton and Blunsdon. We had to use the dual carriageway in the end, but it was worth it.

A great familiar ride, made all the better of riding it purely for pleasure, and because we can!

No photos unfortunately as I forgot to take my phone with me!!

Thunder and Lightning, very frightening!

What a day it turned out to be! Popped down to the Divine Cafe on the A4 just outside of Calne, and it chucked it down! Hail! Thunder! Lightning! Heavy, heavy rain!  Wouldn’t believe it’s August would you! Then the sun came out and the ride home was superb!

Still, cuppa tea stayed dry!

The only real down side to the rain was I washed the bike only yesterday! Now its bloody filthy! Again!!!

The ride home was nice though. Back up through some narrow lanes, covered in grass and gravel, to Hilmarton and Wootton Bassett!

Route, in case interested! Only a short ride, but it involved a morning of chat with the chaps from Wiltshire RoADAR!

Run to Cornwall – in a camper van!

Not what was expected eh? This was a family holiday to one of our favourite campsites, Mother Ivey’s Bay, near to Padstow for the Whitsun week saw us on our first run in our new, to us, camper van! Something we had been hankering after for a few years now, and now we have one!

The new van!
The Genets and their new van

Mother Ivey’s bay is just a few miles from Padstow – we try to avoid the town as it is always overrun with tourists which is a great shame.

However, not visiting Padstow didn’t stop us from having a great time.

We popped down to Bedruthen steps for the first time, and the scenery blew our minds! Couldn’t believe how nice it was here; we’ve been coming here for 30 years or more and never once visited.

The sea on Constantine beach started off cold. By Thursday, the sea had gotten bloody cold! But, we (Richard and me) still went in wearing wet suits of course. Booby’s bay, just around the corner to Constantine, is one of my all time favourite beaches in the world. It has everything including loads of rock pools, surf and often a world class sunset! No coral or really pretty fish like in the Maldives, but nonetheless, a magical place to spend time.

On our way home, we stopped off at Dr Marten’s house in Port Isaac which, in my opinion, is a much prettier Cornwall town than what Padstow has to offer.






And slightly further up the coast we stopped at Boscastle for a cuppa tea before the final drive home.

Boscastle with a cuppa tea!

Its a shame a great week has to come to an end. But, I guess that is what makes holidays special – you get chance to spend time with your family doing fun things together. Which we do at weekends of course, but a whole week or two is even better!

Same place next year?

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