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Riding the Cotswolds and North Wiltshire

Short clip of the rides last weekend in the Cotswolds and around North Wiltshire.


What do you think about when riding?

Do you contemplate ending world hunger? Or how to fix climate change? Does Brexit worry you?

I had a couple of thoughts today, other than wondering why I hadn’t taken out the thermal lining on my textile jacket on what turns out to be the hottest day of 2019 so far.

My first thought came to me whilst filtering through heavy traffic on the A419 this morning and was about farting on a motorbike. Does every rider do that? Fart I mean, not filter! I guess so, but then who gets to hear it or even smell it. Is there any sense of satisfaction?

My second thought, or observation, was why am I smelling cigarette smoke when passing a secondary school at around 3.10pm today and all I can see are school kids? I don’t normally pass schools at kicking out time but I did this afternoon! I guess its a sign of the times eventhough I presumed smoking was on the decline! Live’n’learn I suppose!

Right, back to the housework!

Nice little ride planned for tomorrow!

Taking an associate on the route below tomorrow, 11 May, so should be good fun!

Hope the weather stays dry! Ending up at the Mega Bike Store in Swindon for a cuppa!

Camping & Touring – UK and Europe checklist

Been doing this for a while now ever since we forgot to take sleeping bags on a camping trip to Cornwall many years ago. I use an encapsulated check list to make sure everything is on the bike for a good and warm camping trip!

The list does change from time to time but it generally includes the basics such as:

  • Camping gear – including a small mallet
  • Route – campsite locations
  • Clothes – something dry to put on and evening wear too
  • On the road – warning triangle and spare bulbs
  • Personal stuff eg wash bag
  • Bike pre trip checks eg enough tyre depth for trip
  • If in Europe, documents such as EHIC cards and International recovery
  • Knowing the speed limits of each country I’m visiting.

Some things may seem a little strange such as Cigars! Why take cigars? These are the best insect repellent I know and keep the midges away better than those pathetic little candles – plus the smell is quite nice too!

What I don’t take is a breathalyser – these are sold at ports but are not necessary. The fine was always only 10Euros so not huge – the alternative is not to drink loads!

But, I do check the speed limits for each country I’m visiting as these do vary. France for example reduces it’s Autoroute speed limit by 10KmH when its raining.

Awkward bends

How would you deal with these bends in the video clip?

Is the rider right or wrong?

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