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The wind’s dropped, getting warmer – time to get riding!

At last, the wind seems to have dropped, rain has stopped, and the roads are becoming drier and temperature is in double digits. Is this a sign of a change in the weather?

Time to get back out on the bikes and ride, ride, ride!

Here at New Horizons Motorcycle Training and Tours, we have many exciting rides planned including a couple of camping trips to the North Devon coast, 5-day tours based from the Cotswolds, journeys into Cornwall to see Dr Marten’s house as well as rides to the Alps – we’ll see how Brexit treats us ! See link for our tours:

Today was good. Went out with a rider to help get him ready for this season. Amazing how rusty he had become over the winter. He had lost a lot of his riding technique and some confidence too. Couple of hours later though, he was back to his old ways, if not better. As the day progressed, his old skill came bouncing back and he was taking those bends at “the correct speed” using the throttle and relying less on his brakes.

Here’s to a great year of riding for him.

See how we can help you with a day’s tune up after the winter break:

Nice ride out; another 80 miles or so added to the year’s total.


Secretary or receptionist?

I’ve spent a few days with the team from Abby Rider Training recently, observing how they train new riders through their Intro lessons and CBT.  I may end up delivering a few courses this year too, if they let me.

The team are really friendly there, especially the Receptionist. Often receptionists can be like Rottweilers for their abruptness acting as gatekeepers to the staff and business.

But this one is more of a German Shepherd, called Clutch!


Soft as anything! Wants to be a lapdog!!

Press launch of New Horizons Motorcycle Training & Tours 20 March 9.30am

Press launch of New Horizons Motorcycle Training & Tours taking place at Swindon 105.5 Wednesday 20 March at 09:30 outside their studios.

We hope to have in attendance representatives from Abbey Rider TrainingWiltshire RoADAR,  Swindon Advertiser plus a few friends to help us get this exciting venture off the ground.

Combining rider training whilst on tour – though training is not compulsory – it has the support of a local riding school, Abbey Rider, Wiltshire RoADAR and Wiltshire Police.

In addition to more tours we are developing an off-road  / on – road training package for riders preparing to go on a tour.

Photos will be added after the event!


Fame at last!

Appeared in MCN recently!

Now working on removing the excess chins which seem to appear as one gets older; and to work on that award winning smile!

New Season and Pre Tour Tune Up

Whether planning that riding tour of UK or Europe, or coming back to biking after a winter’s break, New Horizons offer a one day tune up.

We look at the following points:

  • Cornering
  • Positioning
  • Systematic
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Gear changing
  • Rural and Urban riding

All of these make you safer, quicker and helps improves fuel efficiency.

We can also look at specifics of your riding – drop us a line for a chat.

The cost of this one day tune up is £155 per person and it starts from Cricklade near Swindon and Cirencester.  Tune ups can be done at weekends or weekdays.


We will soon be offering a three day course that includes off-road riding, so please bookmark this page and come back to us.

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