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From Quality Engineer to Basil Fawlty!

Not really like Basil in any way, but it made me chuckle!

Took a long ride down into France recently to see an old mate of mine. If you know me from Motorola, you may recognise the chap in the photos!

Nigel Woodcraft – now lives in Chef Boutonne running a successful bed & breakfast business – Chambre D’Hote Woody

As you can see, a very happy chap! Gone are the days of being a Quality Engineer; he’s more like the Basil Fawlty of Chef Boutonne! Don’t tell him I said that. The dog, that’s Higgs – is a very friendly little fella!  Just goes to show a career change can happen at any time of life – its what you make of it that counts.

Chef Boutonne is a little town in the Charente region, about an hour’s ride south of Poitiers. Luckily I had all day to get there. Even though it was a long day in the saddle, 13 hours all told, I do enjoy riding along the roads in France and didn’t want to stop. I especially enjoy filtering through traffic in towns as vehicles positively move out of your way – which I have noticed happens more and more often here in the UK too.

Map of route down – mostly sat on the autoroutes; nice at 130Kmh which is around 80mph.

Almost forgot to include the obligatory photo of bike on Le Shuttle!

Great riding! The return route home was even better as I avoided the peage system and saved a fair few quid!
Happy days – looking forward to more riding in Europe next year – lets see what happens!

At New Horizons Motorcycle Training & Tours, we are putting together a plan for next year’s riding – including a trip or two across the Channel.

We are heading to Cornwall again, and riding around the Cotswolds.

Camping is a firm favourite of ours, and heading to Hereford this weekend, 12/13 October, for some fun. Camping for next year – We may even do a camping trip to France!

Take a look at our website for tours. Or, if you fancy doing some Advanced rider training, then drop us a line.


Trips for 2020

What better with this current weather we are having to start planning next year’s riding! We’ve got some dates for some great rides below:

Camping – back down to north Somerset for some fantastic riding and good food and beer. Dates set for:

  • April 24 – April 26
  • June 5 – June 7

Heading back to the Alps for some more fun towards. Roads should be nice and quiet for us.

Planned for 12 – 20th September 2020

Lets not forget the West Country either

  • May 19th to the 21st May
  • June 9th to the 11th June

Drop us a line to chat about these trips.

Caffeine & Machine ride

Took a ride out on Saturday, four of us, to Caffeine & Machine, near Ettington.

Rather busy with loads of customised Toyota cars. Had lunch, and returned home!

Great day out.

Friday fun!

When we go for a ride, whether it be to commute, for fun, training or to do daft things such as the Iron Butt challenge, we always take the acronymic approach below:

Consideration – for other road users
Respect – for the roads we use
Attitude – out to enjoy ourselves
Patience – there’s no rush, so have fun!

Not only does it help to make our ride smoother, but for me, more enjoyable! And it has a great acronym that is easy to remember too!

Have a great weekend, and remember C.R.A.P.

Back in the press!

Fame again! Back in the local press today.

Note: we did have a rest in between going up and coming back down. Total riding time was 42 hours with a decent rest included.

And, there is still time to donate to the two worth causes we were riding for:

Images from a Lights For Learning trip that I went on showing how bright the lights are.

Me and Stuart at Land’s End – I know, its a little obvious!
Stuart and me at John O’Groats!

Ps, as a point to clarify, we did not receive Iron Butt certificates at the end of the ride. We submit the evidence first, and then, if approved, we will be offered the chance to get a certificate. The ride adjudicator takes a sceptical view of the evidence, but fingers crossed.

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