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Solid white lines and blue lights

An interesting clip from Blue Light Aware page. Good reminder of what the solid white lines separating lanes mean and as importantly how to react when being followed by an emergency vehicle.

So, don’t panic when followed by a blue light vehicle, keep going at the speed limit if safe to do so, until safe to pull over to let it past.

More good info on their web site:

Ride to Wales – last one before lockdown 2?

Weekend of the 19th September, met up with Andy and Mark from the Wiltshire RoADAR, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders, group, for a weekend blast to Wales.

By sheer coincidence, we went to Aberystwyth – place just outside called New Cross.

The route this time was different to July’s trip, but the weather was better! No rain this time and a whole lot less busy with traffic so all was good.

Just under 400 miles covered over the two days.

Video and Relive videos below:

Hope you enjoy what could be the last weekend away this year! Fingers crossed we can still get out for day rides.

Ride with friends

As touring is tricky this year, certainly anything longer than a weekend, it doesn’t stop me from riding with friends. It was even better that the weather stayed dry and warm too.

This particular ride is again from Simon Weir’s Biker’s Britain book, called the Salisbury Loop. We rode most of it, but tweaked it in a couple of places. I say tweaked, we missed a couple of turns!!

Starting at the Three Trees Cafe in Chiseldon, we headed north across the M4 towards Wanborough. Following the road that leads to Wantage, turning off at Uffington.

This road was the only tricky one due to it being narrow, gritty in places especially on bends and in some places, steep turns. But, still great fun.

Heading along country lanes we went towards Burford, Bibury and stopped for coffee in the central square in Cirencester.

From here, we headed through to Devizes and out towards the Haven Cafe, Firsdown near Salisbury for lunch.

Then, time was getting on, and as I was supposed to be cooking dinner, we headed back up towards Swindon via Marlborough. But avoiding the boring A419, took the long way back via Wroughton, Wootton Bassett and Purton.

The route (almost) is shown below. Some strange things went on heading to Devizes and from Marlborough!!

Next ride is back into Wales, so looking forward to that one – that’s in a couple of weeks! Time to get the Tiger cleaned and prepped!!

July 2020 – France and Wales with some whelks thrown in!

It’s been a great July to be honest. Now out of lockdown I’ve managed to pop to France for five days touring around Normandy; spent four days riding in Wales with four friends staying near Aberystwyth and even managed some one-on-one tutoring too.

The trip to France was with a chap who had never ridden there before and eventhough he had driven on the wrong side of the road, he asked me to go with him just to show him the biking ropes as it were. We spent a couple of nights in B & B Hotels in Amiens and Lens, with the other three nights under canvas in La Fleche, Evreux and Honfleur. Covering around 1,300 miles all told on all sorts of roads, major and minor whilst avoiding the peage toll booths.

Wales was fantastic too. Can’t believe how lucky we are to have such scenery and great roads right on our doorstep. Went with four friends and we rode, and rode and rode!! For three of them it was their first time covering more than 120 miles in a day. Each day we rode in excess of 200 brilliant miles. The best day, though, has to be Sunday where we rode the Aberystwyth loop, Tour 25 in Simon Weir’s Biker’s Britain The Tours Book – a whole 7 hours of fun! See the Relive link for a sense of the fun we had.

What’s next? Well, planning trips for next year as this year may be a little uncertain we don’t want to risk organising something that could be cancelled. So, keep checking back, or “like” this site to receive updates.

Heading to France!

Friday 3 July popping to France to see if we can and what’s involved with getting in and out of the country. Taking a chap over who has never ridden there before, though he did drive back in the 1970’s but that’s another story.

Plan is to leave early morning, hop on the Chunnel, arriving in Amiens for dinner. Avoiding toll roads as best we can, we will follow good main roads for the most part burbling through and past many small villages and towns stopping only for coffee and pain au chocolats!

First night staying in a B&B chain hotel.

Saturday, heading to Le Mans and then onto La Fleche to camp over night. From there, who knows. The Loire perhaps? No rush.

The Friday will be the longest day of riding; the rest will be easy 4 hours max. Coming home on Wednesday July 8th, we will stop Tuesday overnight within an hours ride of the Tunnel though this day will be quite hard getting round the M25 again – a road I never enjoy to be honest!

Home for tea!

The great thing is, combining touring and training in one! That’s not bad is it. Our intention is to have fun and learn at the same time. Can’t wait!

Map of intended route, but likely to change depending on how we feel.

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