Had a nice ride yesterday with Sally as pillion. Only a short one, around Swindon and back – trip of 40 miles or so.

Sally and me!

It was also the first ride for me after a minor operation but felt so good to be back out on the bike! Took it steady but its amazing how quick that grin reappears! And, wearing my new Belstaff Mcgee jacket too which performed very well in keeping me warm – lets see how it works in the rain shall we!

The only problem I have with the bike is with the X-System Scott Oiler. Disappointingly it seems to stay “on” all the time with the first blue light on quite bright. Its connected direct to the battery as per instructions (may change this to a spare fuse slot) but will be dissapointed if this is a fault after only a couple of years of ownership.

Next year’s trips – still thinking and planning, but waiting for the all clear from Covid before anything is finalised. I know things will get better but there could still be restrictions. Travelling into Europe will be a little more complex, as we have just found out as we have booked the ferry to Spain in the van, but only minor stuff and nothing worth worrying over – err, except passports need to have 6-months remaining which mine doesn’t!!

Anyway, back to getting some more riding in during the next few weeks!

Stay safe and enjoy!

PS: that is not a “polite” jacket – in case anyone was wondering.