It’s been a great July to be honest. Now out of lockdown I’ve managed to pop to France for five days touring around Normandy; spent four days riding in Wales with four friends staying near Aberystwyth and even managed some one-on-one tutoring too.

The trip to France was with a chap who had never ridden there before and eventhough he had driven on the wrong side of the road, he asked me to go with him just to show him the biking ropes as it were. We spent a couple of nights in B & B Hotels in Amiens and Lens, with the other three nights under canvas in La Fleche, Evreux and Honfleur. Covering around 1,300 miles all told on all sorts of roads, major and minor whilst avoiding the peage toll booths.

Wales was fantastic too. Can’t believe how lucky we are to have such scenery and great roads right on our doorstep. Went with four friends and we rode, and rode and rode!! For three of them it was their first time covering more than 120 miles in a day. Each day we rode in excess of 200 brilliant miles. The best day, though, has to be Sunday where we rode the Aberystwyth loop, Tour 25 in Simon Weir’s Biker’s Britain The Tours Book – a whole 7 hours of fun! See the Relive link for a sense of the fun we had.

What’s next? Well, planning trips for next year as this year may be a little uncertain we don’t want to risk organising something that could be cancelled. So, keep checking back, or “like” this site to receive updates.