Friday 3 July popping to France to see if we can and what’s involved with getting in and out of the country. Taking a chap over who has never ridden there before, though he did drive back in the 1970’s but that’s another story.

Plan is to leave early morning, hop on the Chunnel, arriving in Amiens for dinner. Avoiding toll roads as best we can, we will follow good main roads for the most part burbling through and past many small villages and towns stopping only for coffee and pain au chocolats!

First night staying in a B&B chain hotel.

Saturday, heading to Le Mans and then onto La Fleche to camp over night. From there, who knows. The Loire perhaps? No rush.

The Friday will be the longest day of riding; the rest will be easy 4 hours max. Coming home on Wednesday July 8th, we will stop Tuesday overnight within an hours ride of the Tunnel though this day will be quite hard getting round the M25 again – a road I never enjoy to be honest!

Home for tea!

The great thing is, combining touring and training in one! That’s not bad is it. Our intention is to have fun and learn at the same time. Can’t wait!

Map of intended route, but likely to change depending on how we feel.