Not really like Basil in any way, but it made me chuckle!

Took a long ride down into France recently to see an old mate of mine. If you know me from Motorola, you may recognise the chap in the photos!

Nigel Woodcraft – now lives in Chef Boutonne running a successful bed & breakfast business – Chambre D’Hote Woody

As you can see, a very happy chap! Gone are the days of being a Quality Engineer; he’s more like the Basil Fawlty of Chef Boutonne! Don’t tell him I said that. The dog, that’s Higgs – is a very friendly little fella!  Just goes to show a career change can happen at any time of life – its what you make of it that counts.

Chef Boutonne is a little town in the Charente region, about an hour’s ride south of Poitiers. Luckily I had all day to get there. Even though it was a long day in the saddle, 13 hours all told, I do enjoy riding along the roads in France and didn’t want to stop. I especially enjoy filtering through traffic in towns as vehicles positively move out of your way – which I have noticed happens more and more often here in the UK too.

Map of route down – mostly sat on the autoroutes; nice at 130Kmh which is around 80mph.

Almost forgot to include the obligatory photo of bike on Le Shuttle!

Great riding! The return route home was even better as I avoided the peage system and saved a fair few quid!
Happy days – looking forward to more riding in Europe next year – lets see what happens!

At New Horizons Motorcycle Training & Tours, we are putting together a plan for next year’s riding – including a trip or two across the Channel.

We are heading to Cornwall again, and riding around the Cotswolds.

Camping is a firm favourite of ours, and heading to Hereford this weekend, 12/13 October, for some fun. Camping for next year – We may even do a camping trip to France!

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