Been doing this for a while now ever since we forgot to take sleeping bags on a camping trip to Cornwall many years ago. I use an encapsulated check list to make sure everything is on the bike for a good and warm camping trip!

The list does change from time to time but it generally includes the basics such as:

  • Camping gear – including a small mallet
  • Route – campsite locations
  • Clothes – something dry to put on and evening wear too
  • On the road – warning triangle and spare bulbs
  • Personal stuff eg wash bag
  • Bike pre trip checks eg enough tyre depth for trip
  • If in Europe, documents such as EHIC cards and International recovery
  • Knowing the speed limits of each country I’m visiting.

Some things may seem a little strange such as Cigars! Why take cigars? These are the best insect repellent I know and keep the midges away better than those pathetic little candles – plus the smell is quite nice too!

What I don’t take is a breathalyser – these are sold at ports but are not necessary. The fine was always only 10Euros so not huge – the alternative is not to drink loads!

But, I do check the speed limits for each country I’m visiting as these do vary. France for example reduces it’s Autoroute speed limit by 10KmH when its raining.