I suppose the first question to answer is, is it Hi Vis or Hi Viz? I assume for now that doesn’t matter.

The colour black is a strange colour to be seen in when riding a motorbike. Its not all that obvious and it certainly acts like camouflage especially at night. But, should bikers be forced to wear hi-vis? I personally think its down to personal choice, so would not advocate any law change – if there are any plans afoot then this is purely coincidental.

Personally I do wear hi vis – my jacket has it built in. I also wear a hi vis tabbard which is again personal choice. As is my choice of helmet.

I was out recently and wanted to see the effects of wearing hi vis and not wearing it. So a good friend of mine agreed to be filmed with and without wearing a hi vis jacket. The results can be seen in the video below.

Wondered what your thoughts were?

As I have already said, wearing of hi vis should be, and remain to be, down to personal choice.