One of the great aspects of touring is the freedom of the road. Coupled with camping then you become one with the journey.

As an avid camper having toured across Europe and of course the UK, New Horizons are developing a short camping trip of a couple of nights in the UK. Heading down to near Ilfracombe on the Devon coast, we can spend a couple of nights on a campsite with decent facilities and an onsite pub. Over the three days, we will learn what to take, what not to take and have some great riding too.

No dates yet, but let me know if this would be of interest. Aiming for late April, May for the first trip.

Future plan is to head across the Channel into France where camping is a national pastime. This will probably be in early July.

Again, drop me a line if this is of interest and I will get together a decent route (which I already know includes the Champagne region).