Crikey! Bit of a minefield this one. All depends on whether we leave with a deal or not it seems. Lots of “maybe” but nothing definite, other than that there will be no change in driving license or insurance requirements for EU nationals coming to the UK for a holiday.

From the above link, if the UK leaves without a deal, then we may have to obtain the following:

  • IDP – International Driver’s Permit – used to be £5 from the Post Office when I last got one for driving in Africa. Not needed in Ireland though – must organise a tour there – Stuart, another one for you to look at!
  • Green card – this proves you have valid insurance – may come with your policy or not, but worth checking a month before travel.
  • In case of an accident, claims have to be brought in the country of incident and in their language.
  • GB sticker – yep, back to the old style one! Which, by the way, we still had to have if driving in Switzerland.

The old rules of carrying the vehicle’s V5 document still applies as does travel insurance. EHIC cards could still be valid under a new agreement – but worth keeping an eye on this link:

Passports There was talk of a 7Euro charge for a three year travel authorisation, ETIAS, into the Schengen zone.  Not heard much about this; if its similar to the ESTA for the USA, then it should take a few minutes  on-line to obtain – but, we’ll see.

Luckily nothing to onerous, but worth bearing in mind when touring into Europe after Brexit, deal or no deal.