Nothing to be scared of that’s for sure. Its the application of a simple and flexible system enabling safe and efficient progress. The system is adopted by the UK Police and is the basis of Roadcraft – the Police Rider’s Handbook.  It can also be defined as “no surprises”!

The System looks at road conditions, traffic, road positioning, your machine and you! Advanced Riding is all about making good progress, safely. It’s not about slowing you down.

The System – IPSGA – as taken from the Roadcraft book

Information – use the information to decide on your position – ever changing

Position – be in the right position to make the best use of the road

Speed – be at the right speed for the situation

Gear – be in the appropriate gear for the speed you are doing

Acceleration – maintain positive throttle as that is when you are in control of the machine.


The System can be used for either side of the road so even when touring on the continent, or in the UK, the System can be taught.