What a great trip that was! Two weeks with the family all the way to Slovenia via Germany, Austria, Italy and of course France.

Stopping off en-route in Mannheim so Jono could take part in the Park run, where he came 3rd overall which ain’t bad to be honest on two fronts. Firstly, he is 16 still; secondly we had to be up and out very early from our overnight stop in France, so well done Richard for getting up and being on the road by 7.00am!

Then onto Solden in Austria for a couple of nights. This was one of the locations for the last James Bond film; remember the plane flying through the trees and the clinic at the top of the mountain? That was filmed here!

We enjoyed a cable car ride halfway up the mountain followed by a couple of hours walk down along some mountain bike tracks.

Looking down to Solden

Leaving Solden heading south along a fantastic windy road, into Italy, back to Austria and to Lesce, near Lake Bled in Slovenia. Wow! What a wonderful place Slovenia is!! Very green, very hilly and very friendly. We did a lot of cycling in Slovenia and would recommend it to anyone. The roads are superb with cycle tracks either side.

Our pitch on the river

Jono once again did us proud by running the Lake Bled nighttime 10k, coming in a respectable 92nd out of a lineup of 3,012!

Jono at the start!

Most of the fields have wild flowers and grasses allowed to grow freely.

Very green countryside of Slovenia

Down to Piran on the coast; very nice town with red roof tiles. From here we could see both Italy and Croatia – to the right of the Piran photo.

Shame about the camp site though, very poor. Though some of the street signs of Piran were amusing.

Amusing street sign
Red roof tiles of Piran







From Slovenia, we left to goto Italy, stopping in Lido De Jesolo for a couple of nights allowing us to goto Venice for the day.

Very hot day walking around Venice. Best parts are away from St Mark’s square along the back streets.

St Mark’s square







Onwards and upwards to the Alps. Last night in Italy in a town called Ivrea where it thundered, lightening and rained. Great! Headed to a local trattoria for a really nice meal.

Final night spent in France in a small town on the Seine, Saint Seine l’Abbaye. The drive between Dijon and Troyes followed the valley. Coming back here as soon as we can.

Then home again via that dreadful M25! What a bad first impression that gives visitors to the UK if they come via Dover!

Great holiday again. Looking forward to the next adventure.