When you think of bikers I bet, if over a certain age, the image of Easy Rider on Harley Davidsons springs to mind or, hairy blokes wearing denim jackets, club logos emblazoned on the back, leather jeans and racing loudly around stopping only to eat raw steak, drink snakebite and vodka! Those of a younger age might imagine Charley and Ewan in the Long Way Round; but whatever age you are, I bet you don’t imagine bikers drinking Earl Grey tea and eating chicken with a Cesar salad (ok, this was asked for in hushed tones!).  Well, surprise surprise, the latter is what you get with the modern biker. Ok, some of us may be hairy, we do wear jackets with the Wiltshire RoADAR www.wiltshireroadar.co.uk logo on the back though not compulsory, and we do all wear protective clothing.

Recently we took on a genteel ride starting at Sally Pussey’s pub (yes, we still snigger at this too) in Royal Wootton Bassett; heading down to Chippenham to pick up four more bikers via Brinkworth; then to Cheddar Gorge en-route to Weston Super Mare. Eight bikers all told; all on big bikes (Triumph being the most prevalent – just saying).  We did return via the M5 and M4 to get home in time for the rugby – well done the French and Irish! Come on, we must be nice to these guys if we want a good deal after Brexit!

The team meeting in Chippenham

Our first stop for coffee was at New Manor Farm Shop at West Harptree on the Wells Road south of Bath. Hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows and a flake! Crikey! Just what I needed – trouble is, no time for a snooze as we sped on our way in blustery gales through sleepy Cheddar gorge to Weston Super Mare.

New Manor Farm – suitably refreshed

Dropping into Cheddar it was hard not to admire the ancient rocks of the gorge which was formed from the melting ice age waters either side of us, almost, it seems, within touching distance. Not just us but many walkers were also out. We made our way slowly through this bustling little village following signs to Weston.

At Weston the tide was out as it nearly always seems to be but we arrived in time for lunch – talk about coincidence! Fish’n’chips! And, guess where the motorbike parking was? Right opposite Winston’s! First time a town planner has got this right!

Winstons fish’n’chips at Weston

This was a nice ride covering some 180 miles all told. The roads varied greatly in terms of size and condition. As did the weather! Wet and windy at times. Mild at others.











Earl grey and Cesar salad for lunch! Really? Yes.

The route down: