Not often one can say that, but its true! This morning I chatted to Batman, aka Gary Franks, on Swindon 105.5 about his recent banger run of around 2,500 miles over 6 days to Lake Como in aid of “Help for Heroes”.

The banger run has been organised for the past few years to raise money for “Help for Heroes”,

This year, after completing the run, the Batmobile raised over £1,200 and still counting.

The funny thing is that Gary’s co-driver is called Robin! Coincidence I’m sure, but the Gotham-Twinning team did rather well despite being side swiped on the autoroute by a devil may care driver.

The route took them across France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and over the Alps to Lake Como on the Italian side.

The Alps proved to be interesting; many passes to cross including Stelvio amongst others. Not for the faint hearted these passes, but I must admit to being a tad envious – I want to go there!!! Now!!!

For more details of the trip and photos of the Batmobile and the other contestants, see the as well as

Kapow! For now!