After a good evening of Tae Kwon Do I received a text from Richard suggesting beers were in order. Being a Friday evening, and watching the first part of Pale Rider (I enjoy the bit where Clint beats up those chaps with the hickory axe handle – don’t know why I enjoy that bit but I do) I headed down the pub.

Sitting in our local, the Red Lion of Cricklade, we talked about our children and their recent exam results and what they are up to now, and more obviously got round to talking motorbikes and some potential ride ideas.

  • Chip run to Swanage;
  • Spain via Plymouth to Santander;
  • weekender to Wales;
  • long weekend to France via the Chunnel.

After four pints of North Wall, I was feeling like the Tae Kwon Do session was slightly wasted in terms of making me fitter! But, the upshot is this coming Saturday the plan is to ride to Swanage for a plate of chips and ride home again!

Assuming Richard gets his leaky clutch fixed first!