Sad day. Have put an advert on Gumtree to sell KES.

Has to go I’m afraid to make room for a new camper van, when it eventually arrives.

Plan was to spend time renovating KES to former glory, but sadly no! Lack of driveway space means I have to reluctantly let KES go!

We had good times together. Many happy miles, 16,000 in three years which isn’t bad for a motorbike, including 1,700 to the Alps and back.

Must admit, sitting on it again last night to move it off the drive to take the photos made me realise how much hard work it was! The clutch is heavy as is the throttle – age I guess (the bike, not me!)

Still, it will be a classic in two years time and will be missed – assuming it sells of course!

And KES departs Cricklade Saturday morning around 10am!!! Strapped to the back of a pickup, KES’ last journey out of North Wall was rather silent. That grand old bike tethered to the frame of a carrier, off it went, away for the last time! C’est la vie!