What a great day for a late afternoon ride! The Tiger has just had its first service after 500miles, which means I can now open it up and go beyond 5,000rpm. Not that I really need to, but it’s nice to know I can be a bit less conservative about how the power is used!

First chance to really exercise the Tiger, and back out with my old mate Richard, we followed an old favourite route. Leaving Cricklade, up the B4040 to Malmesbury, turning right then left towards Tetbury.

Stopping for a coffee and tea, we then went in the Cirencester direction, turning left at the top of the hill on the Stroud road.  Somewhere, we turned right along narrow winding roads heading to Winstone.

Then, back home along the A419 where I had another chance to use cruise control.

Very enjoyable ride. Nice to know what the Tiger can do especially with a couple of overtakes.


Rac route planner: