Happy New Year!

Wanted to take KES for a spin early in the week, but it wouldn’t start. Called out the Homestart team and found the battery to be next to useless; swapped it for a new gel battery and KES still wouldn’t start.

The Homestart chap did get KES going when he used his booster (before I fitted a new battery) so I thought all would be well.

After drying out the spark plugs thinking that perhaps the engine had flooded, KES started fine. Great, happy days!

Errrrr…….this morning though, not a hope! KES just did not want to start. After a couple of hours of investigations, we (Roger Mugridge and I), decided that the spark at the plugs was too weak. Popped round to Elliot’s and then proceeded to wheel KES round – there is a slight incline between home and Bath Road, but I hadn’t really appreciated just how much of one until just now!

So, KES is in the sick bay until early next week. Fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious and can be repaired quickly. Else, its a newer bike for this year!