Saturday, nice day for a ride with the Wiltshire RoADAR bikers. Only my second ride out with the group so it was good to catch up with them. Some I had not met before but that does not seem to matter.

There were eight bikes and our route was to the Malvern Hills.

Starting from the Aldi car park (one next to Tesco), we went up to the A419 towards Gloucester. Turning left into Birdlip and down the hill to Brockworth and into Gloucester that way. Rather a nice change from the normal route I wold have taken.

Through Gloucester heading out to Ledbury. I think anyway! Got a little lost here so route is only an estimate!

Once through Gloucester we headed for Ledbury,  stopping en-route for a cuppa tea in a very nice café overlooking the Malvern Hills. Then onto our lunch stop an hour and half later. I really must take more notes for these journeys as I cannot remember the name of the place where we stopped. I know it was a combined antiques place amongst other things. Very nice food though so well recommended!

Now heading back home via Evesham and Stow. And, for me one of the highlights were the bends going up to Broadway Tower. Must come here again soon!

A great day out, covering some 130 miles all told.

One of the nice things about these rides is that there is no pressure to go fast. They all ride well and in doing so that’s what makes the ride more pleasurable.

The route summary is shown below. There was more to it than this, but I cannot remember every little detail as we went off on some minor roads. Due to the limitations with these mapping services, the option to ignore all Motorways has been de-selected which makes this rather frustrating!