Ok, so today we didn’t goto the coast as planned. Wives had other ideas for today such as fitting gates and the such like. So, we headed East! Right into the rising sun! And what a day it turned out to be. Very warm.

Down the A419 to Common Head, off up through Wanborough all the way to Wantage. Nice ride; done it before. Past Uffington White Horse and some very traditional Wiltshire villages such as Bishopstone, Idstone and Ashbury. Thanks to Mr White Van Man for clearing the way for us – I do mean that as these roads can be narrow, the white van helped push oncoming traffic over which made our ride a lot safer!

After Wantage, we headed towards Streatley and Goring. The cafe there was a little busy so went through Goring, across the Thames – this brought back a few happy memories for me as we used to live not far from here in Tilehurst, Reading. The Henley road is back via Caversham. I had forgotten the cut-through so had to take the long way round.

Caversham is a nice place. Lots of good places to eat and shops to wander around. Again, many many happy memories here.

From Caversham we followed some slow cars all the way along to Henley.

Henley – used to come here often and again many many happy memories of the place. Its changed a bit that’s for sure. Hard to park the bikes anywhere sensible. And where has the Henley Antique Centre gone? Its now a Laura Ashley – suppose it’s swapped one sort of antique for another 🙂

Anyway, got fed up here and headed out on the Oxford Road where we stopped at a biker’s cafe, “H”. Had a couple of coffees and spent some time admiring the other bikes.

Then onto Abingdon. Blimey that was busy but somehow we got through where we headed down past the Harley shop and onto the A420 to Faringdon. Turned right off the A420 and took the Lechlade/Fairford road home as per usual.

Spent some time at Richard’s trying to get rid of the petrol stain from KES’ windshield – I had a little accident earlier in the week and now know that petrol stains perspex! This could prove expensive as it looks rather scruffy.

Total mileage around 130 or so. Time in saddle – a few.