Just had one of those nuisance callers purporting to be from my network provider, TalkTalk.

How to deal and recognise a fake caller:

1. No number came up on my caller identification screen on the phone – it said “Private number” – this could be genuine of course so need to be mindful of that.

2. The caller (to be known as “scumbag”) started by stating he was from TalkTalk and asking if this is “Genet” ie me!

3. The line was rather noisy so immediately my suspicions were aroused. The “scumbag” on the end of the line was Indian. Scumbags such as this come from all over, just happened he was Indian this time.

4. “scumbag” then went on to say that the reason for the call is that TalkTalk had noticed someone else was using my network connection and that TalkTalk only provided this service to me. “scumbag” also stated that he wanted to stop this extra use.

5. Ok, at this point (actually I realised straight away what was coming) I knew what “scumbag” wanted to do next! Basically “scumbag” wanted to take control of my computer to do some checks for me. Once “scumbag” had access to my computer he would then go through all my files and pick out anything that would provide him with bank account details, logins, passwords etc – these are all stored in files within the computer.

There are two ways of dealing with this sort of call:

1. The “Sally” way of just putting the phone down
2. The “Peter” way – let rip with all the expletives you can! “scumbag” then put the phone down on me!!!

The only trouble with point 2 is that it is the school holidays and I forgot the children were at home and heard me!

And another one!! That’s two in one day. Though this time, she held out much longer than her colleague; I asked her that if the anti-virus software was allowing dodgy software to load onto my computer then it wasn’t working so am I not owed a refund?

Anyway, she gave me a number to call back on, 01618187865 which when you look it up is a scam line, or is that scum line? Her name was Catherine but I didn’t ask if that was with a “C” or “K” – I’ll ask next time though.

She too put the phone down on me. Must have been something I said 🙂

Just be careful about who calls you. No bank, telephone or reputable company will ask for your details. if they do, simply put the phone down.

My way also works, I enjoy it. I don’t care about how they feel and the so called “do gooders” who say they are just doing a job! Anyone cold calling me from any call centre selling me something I haven’t asked for or claiming I am owed compensation or PPI gets very short shrift.

Right, back to the day job!