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June 2015

Suggested Route – 11 July

Almost forgot to put this on! Should have done it sooner! Anyway, suggested route for Saturday 11 July:

Route on RAC route finder:

And a map:


A nice ride this, taking in some fast roads and pleasant towns such as Ross-on-Wye and home via Tewksbury. Also, a long-ish ride too which I reckon will be a whole morning – returning around 1pm in Cricklade.


Oxford Bone Dry – kit review!

I wasn’t planning on including product reviews in this blog, but thought it about time to provide some feedback on my riding kit, Oxford Bone Dry.

Both the jacket and trousers, as seen in some of the photos on this site, are called “Bone dry” and I’ve had them for some 18 months now. They were £50 each, so rather relatively cheap for motorcycling gear. Generally speaking, they are comfy and easy to wear. They have elbow, shoulder and back armour in the jacket; and knee and side armour in the trousers. The inner linings can be removed from both, as I have done recently, for the warmer weather. And they do keep the wind off me rather nicely.

However, there are a couple of problems. The “Bone Dry” description is only accurate when it is not raining! When it rains, I get wet. And now, the zip on the jacket is literally falling apart.

I know they were cheap, and you get what you pay for. But, in case you are looking for new gear, I would recommend spending a little more on something else. Which is what I will be doing very soon!

I understand Oxford provide some very good luggage for motorbikes which do get a good write up. Maybe I just got a bad lot!

Windy June – Lots of fun though!

Can’t believe it’s June already!

What a ride home it was last night. Typically its rather pleasant, but where did all that wind come from? Blimey! Got knocked about a bit that’s for sure.

We used the M4 and A419 for a change – had to keep the speed down as we kept getting sideswiped by some huge gusts of wind.

Got home ok though – took me a while though to wipe the smile of my face – that wind did make the journey a whole lotta fun!

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