Blimey, go for a ride these days and I lose weight! Its been really very warm – which is great of course so I’m not knocking it.

Done the Bath route, again and again. Friday was awful getting home though as there was a Bath Uni open day – the whole city centre was gridlocked with traffic going nowhere very slowly! I did some filtering – safely – very nice of some drivers to provide “admiring” comments whilst sat in their tin boxes šŸ™‚ Very good of them I would say!

In the end though I got fed-up with the traffic and headed out to Bradford on Avon for a change. From there, I found the route to Chippenham and followed it all the way home. Actually, a rather nice and pleasant ride – though I didn’t attract any more admiring comments once out of Bath. Must be doing something wrong!

I need to look for some new riding gear I think. Something that is good for all seasons – so any ideas, let me know. I got home slightly damp from both internal and external wet (sweat in case you are wondering). Something breathable to let the damp out; something that keeps the wet out of course, and the warmth in (when needed). I would rather have one set of riding gear than two or three.

Next ride planned for the 11 July.