This week I’m spending mostly working from home. Technology allows me to be in contact with anyone anywhere in the world – be it the Middle-east, USA, UK – anywhere.

What a great thing to be able to do – many people would be rather jealous wouldn’t they?

Yeah, it’s great working from home. I can do my work. I can do the ironing, clean the loos, vacuum and pop to the shops. Or anything else my wife asks of me 🙂

What I can’t do though, is ride KES every day! I enjoy my ride to work (and home again). It’s an hours ride or so from home. I work in Bath. That’s a great ride – B4040 to Malmesbury, or via Cirencester and Tetbury, or via Marlborough and Calne. I vary the route to add interest – and why not? I’m now sat on my bum in my home office, typing this, thinking about riding in to work.

How often is it that we want to go into work? When you ride in is when!!