Ok, so best laid plans don’t always go so well. I thought that by scheduling in regular riding days, ie 2nd Saturday of the month, we would be able to go out on regular rides. And, being June, the weather would be a bit more favourable than in January!

How wrong I was!!! Saturday morning came with a nice fine drizzle. Even I had to force myself out of a nice warm and cosy bed. Got KES out of the garage and by now it was really coming down quite heavily eventhough it was that fine rain that somehow, always, seeps into you.

So, at 7.50am we headed up to the Cricklade Town Hall. Just KES and I. We sat at the Town Hall until 8.15am to see who may have turned up. If someone else did, then great, we’d go for a ride. But, no, everyone else had some common sense and stayed indoors.

The only other person I saw going for his regular Saturday morning bike ride, normally with loads of his friends, was PC Doctor Dan! Though he was by himself too this morning!

Ok, so, hopefully, by July 10th, when the next “official” scheduled ride will be set for, the weather may be kind to us. I will send the occasional ad-hoc text to the Gentlemen Bikers in case someone fancies a ride in between times.

Don’t forget, week commencing 15 June is officially “Ride to work week” – which is what I have done.