Its that time of year when early morning rides are the best.

Its still chilly, but as I ride to work, I get to see the sun rise. There is something very magical about that even after many years of seeing it happen.

The chill in the air leaves a slight mist over the adjacent fields; often which I see deer munching on the grass. Only yesterday there were three deer doing just that.

Occasionally, a badger darts out across the road. Foxes too.

Its the country smells that linger, almost as long as the memory of the journey. Farmyards have particularly distinct smell! But on the whole, the fresh morning air smells of dew, grass and mud. You don’t get that sense from being in a car though.

As a rider, one of the best things is that the roads are quieter at 6.15am – which is when I leave for work. This gives me a chance to get some nice turns in without some idiot up “my boot” as it were.

Other than that, early morning rides are still the best!