With the weather as it has been recently, we haven’t been out much other than for the odd shopping trip which isn’t really that exciting!

So, to relieve the boredom, we decided to get back to basics and went for a bicycle ride along the old railway track in Cricklade.

Gentlemen bikers going back to basics!

Leaving from behind the leisure centre, we followed the track over the bridge of the Thames; taking the next left we followed the path round, and to the left again. There is a single track on the right hand side which takes you up to the bird hide, but we turned left here to take the “long way round”.

This route takes you through the Cotswold Water Parks – the scenery on this route changes throughout the year and is quite a favourite of ours. It is only around 9 miles or so, but good fun especially when its flooded!

Anyway, we got back to tarmac and headed into Cerney Wick. Past the pub and onto the canal path. We would normally head on over the bridge of the A419 but Richard G had a slow puncture so we decided to take the short-cut back home.

Back into Cricklade, we stopped at my house for a well earned cuppa tea!