Not been too good recently for getting out early in the morning. All the frost on the ground has made riding rather more “fun” than what I really like – I must be getting old! Never mind!

Anyway, Saturday, nice bright sunny afternoon. Got KES out and went for a spin with Richard G. Nice ride, one we’ve already done, just to blow some cobwebs away and to escape Christmas shopping.

Headed down to Common Head roundabout, up through Liddington to Aldbourne. Onto Hungerford, turning right to Marlborough. Home vie Chiseldon, Hodson and my in-laws, who live in Swindon, for a cuppa coffee. (Sorry ladies, I am very happily married!)

I will be posting some dates for rides for 2015, so watch out for this in the coming days/weeks!

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!