It looked dry! About time too! So, Richard G and I headed out for a spin – unplanned, just needed to get out on the bikes. It was about 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon.

We headed to Cirencester, and took the road to Stroud. Only turning left at Minchinhampton Common and headed back to Tetbury.

Nice route this one. Roads between Cirencester and Stroud are easy going with some nice vistas. After Minchinhampton they are a little more technical with some hairy bends. The good news is that the leaves that were laying on the road surface have mostly gone now.

Back through Avening, on through Tetbury Upton and into Tetbury itself. Parking up for a few minutes whilst we decided which route to take back, we admired some of the driving skills of cars going past – some were actually doing the speed limit – how unusual!

Anyway, we headed to Cirencester along the A433 which is a nice fast road. Relatively safe too. Sitting at the max legal limit we burbled through to Cirencester main square. Parking up in the centre of the road we had stopped right opposite a coffee shop. Stroke of luck :DD

By the time we left it was getting dark, so we headed back home.

Short ride this one, but a nice one all the same!

Route can be found via this link: