Always wanted to do this ride so last Sunday, Jason and I thought we would have a quick blast up to Moreton in the Marsh for a coffee stop.

It was a nice, bright and sunny afternoon. Stopping for petrol at the Little Chef just outside Cirencester, we were met by at least 20 bikers travelling back to Guernsey. This would actually set the scene for the rest of the afternoon as we noticed loads of bikes out and about enjoying the last delights of summer.

The Fosse way, as mentioned before, is a long road with many long straights and some bends. But, I know now why people die along it – it is rather a boring road and I assume people want to go fast to get a buzz back.

Anyway, we burbled through to Moreton in the Marsh, a quaint Cotwsold market town, where the high street is the main thoroughfare. We stopped at a coffee shop for our usual chat, where Jason said he knew the area well and would find a more interesting route back.

We met even more bikers and a chap with his new Audi R8 who was carrying a paper which is all he could probably carry in terms of luggage!

This turned out to be interesting indeed – I have no real idea of where we were other than we generally headed south along some small lanes and narrow gravelly roads.

The whole ride took us a couple of hours which meant yet again I was late back for my Sunday lunch!