Sometimes its nice to repeat rides. Not that we have exhausted the routes we can take from Cricklade, but to be able to share them with someone else. And that someone was my eldest son Richard.

Yes, he rode pillion on the back of KES; his smile could be seen through the helmet he wore – which happens to be mum’s, but it fits him at the moment.

To cap it all, his best mate, Oliver joined us on the back of his Dad’s bike, who just so happens to be also called Richard.

Its not a long journey this, but a nice little bimble into some very pleasant countryside. With the boys on the back of our bikes we took it easy – even more so than usual. No need to rush anywhere – just father and son’s out enjoying each other’s company doing “boys stuff” together.

Stopped in Bibury for a quick photo shoot and chin wag, then we headed back to Cricklade just before dusk set in.


The route we took followed the original Bibury Burble so I’m not going to repeat it here again.

Must admit, this is an evening I’ll remember for a long time.