Its been a fantastic few days with this glorious weather. Sunshine first thing in the morning with air so clean and fresh. The rides in to work have been brilliant! The rides home just as good of course! I’ve varied them a little, but the route I seem to enjoy most is taking the B4040 down to junction 17 of the M4, straight over towards Chippenham on the A350, and then taking the Bristol (East) road, A420, picking up the A46 all the way into Bath.

The route home leaves Bath via Lansdown Road direction and Wick. Heading up the hill onto the A46, but going all the way to junction 18 of the M4. We then head over the junction, still on the A46 which is the Bath road, eventually turning right onto the A433 heading towards Tetbury. Following the A433 still, we head to Cirencester and onto the A419 all the way home to Cricklade.

Either way, these routes have some fast flowing bends with some little trickier technical ones thrown in on the odd occasion just to surprise you! Still get the odd idiot who thinks they are allowed to whizz past everyone else – but as we all know, life would be boring if we were all the same – still, would be nice to see at least one of them end up in a ditch (which actually did happen to some pratt in his Jaguar on a wet day along the B4040 at Charlton – actually, I pulled him out of the car seeing as it was on it’s roof! He was ok, but his brand new Jag was messed up.)

This evening sees a milestone in my life as on my way home I have to pick up my very first pair of reading glasses. Oh well, age finally seems to have crept up on me! No doubt my two boys will ignore this fact when I first put them on to read their school reports!