Back in the UK and back on KES. Now trying to find alternatives to using the M4 to get to and from Bath.

This morning, headed up to Junction 18 via Tetbury which is a nice run and one I’ve done before. Lots of long sweeping bends with some great scenery too. Yesterday I did use the B4040 to get to Junction 17 but this is getting tedious now. The good news of the day is that KES is running at around 52mpg which ain’t at all bad for a 26 year old 1000cc motorcycle!

Going home can be challenging though as getting out of Bath is often a nightmare. Following routes to Chippenham is a good bet but having to go via Lansdown Road or London Road. What a choice! Though once out of Bath, the roads do get faster.

If we can avoid Chippenham bypass by taking smaller back roads, we will do. Let’s see what happens this evening!

Took the A420 to Chippenham in the end, turning left immediately past the Foley Farmhouse towards Allington. Followed our noses all the way out onto the A350 which got us back to J17 of the M4.

Very pleasant burble through some country lanes – I noticed a sign for a village called Tiddleywink – who’d of thought it! On the map, I’m now curious as to what Honey Knob Hill is all about! Whoever thought of these names – what a great game that must have been one Sunday afternoon in the pub!

Ok, so avoided the M4, but got caught in an incident south of Corston; the queue was backed up to beneath the railway bridge so turned around and came home via Hullavington and Foxely which brought me back into Malmesbury. Just hope no-one was seriously hurt.

Then it was a pleasant journey home along the B4040.